What we do and what we believe in

We are experts at helping companies in the IT industry, where we excel. We work in partnership with distributors, suppliers, retailers and consultants. We are the leading Nordic agency in several of our service areas, thanks to our experience and knowledge of how the industry’s sales processes work and how IT companies’ end customers think. We have customers in all the Nordic countries, and in our organisation, there are employees with a fluent command of the Nordic languages.

Our customers are frequently international IT companies with a strong presence in the Nordic region, or successful local IT companies. There are currently around 15 consultants working at MPWR Consulting.


We are a consulting agency that helps IT companies to become successful in sales and marketing. Customer assignments may be strategic or operational and are conducted as ongoing collaborations or demarcated projects. We always try to use results-based management in our customer assignments, which allows us to measure the effectiveness of our partnerships.

Many of our customers work using complex sales and marketing processes in the field of IT. Our assignments are therefore tailored to each customer’s requirements.


Keeping to our promises and, if possible, doing that little bit more, are important to us. We are driven by meeting our customers’ targets – and, ideally, exceeding them. We see our customers as long-term partners and believe that trust is the foundation for both commercial success and good partnerships. We do not turn down challenges; rather, they inspire us in our attempts to find new ways forward to help our customers.

Drive, Results Generation, Trust and Enjoyment – important concepts in what makes up our basic values. Our core values help us to create satisfied customers and a workplace where we can thrive and feel good.


  • Market mapping. We help our customers to map the most relevant business information (decision-makers, current solutions, future plans, investment, etc.) about a selected target group so that the customer will be in a position to assess the market potential and carry out an informed sales dialogue with the target group thus mapped.
  • Insourcing in-house sales resources. Often, our IT customers have times where they need to recruit new people to take charge of in-house sales in the longer term. Here, we can help customers to insource one or more people, who will either be working for the customer’s company or for us.
  • Seminars/Events/Roadshows. For many IT companies, large gatherings such as seminars, events and roadshows act as important marketing channels for finding new customers and/or strengthening the relationship with existing customers. We can take overall responsibility from start to finish by providing the premises, technology and telephone invitations to customers to ensure that the right number and type of people attend, as well as the subsequent follow-up and everything else that might conceivably be required.
  • Our annual IT conferences. Each year we arrange 4–5 IT conferences, where we discuss some of the most current topics of interest to the IT supply and end-customer market. The conferences are arranged under our Madison IT Event trademark. You can find out more about the conferences at