Leading conference, IT Risk & Compliance

During the autumn of 2018, we will be arranging two exciting conferences under our Madison Event trademark. The aim of the conferences will be to highlight some current IT issues. First out this autumn is the IT Risk & Compliance conference, which is being arranged for the sixth year in a row and will be held on 27 September in Stockholm.

Information about the conference

The increased use of cloud-based platforms, new possibilities for analysing large volumes of data and the growth in AI technology are challenging traditional business models and the ways in which we think and work. How do we use IT to create new ways of working, instead of simply digitising existing processes?
During the presentation we will be offering visions of what path the development may take in the future. At the same time we will examine the risks that this will entail. What are the challenges we face in terms of the requirements to comply with laws and regulations when data is allowed to flow ever more freely within and between organisations?

KPMG, along with leading suppliers in the field of IT security such as Entrust Datacard, Arcserve, CyberArk and RSA, will provide a picture of the trends and forces that are driving the market in this area. You will also be given specific tips on how to manage the challenges that your business will face.











  • Date and time: 27 september, 08:30-15:00
  • City: Stockholm
  • Location: Konferens & möten. Folkungagatan 90
  • Read more about the conference at  www.it-rc.com

Participation is free of charge and includes food and drink.



Our exciting IT conferences during 2017


During 2017 we will continue to arrange our popular conferences to highlight current IT issues.

The conferences address areas such as IT security, the digital workplace, the data centres of the future, cloud security and risk & compliance.

  • DDoS Day – Stockholm, 8 March
  • The IT Workplace of the Future – Stockholm, 6 April
  • IT Attacks – Stockholm, 9 May | Oslo, 11 May | Copenhagen, 16 May
  • IT Risk & Compliance – Stockholm, 21 September
  • Cloud Security Day – Stockholm, 26 October
  • Beyond the Data Centre – Stockholm, 23 November

You can find out more about the conferences on our conference site. 

If you are interested in taking part as a sponsor, whether as a speaker or exhibitor, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will then get back to you with a sponsor invitation.


The IT Attacks conference was a success

The staging of the ‘IT Attacks’ conference was a success. MPWR arranged the independent IT security conference for the fifth time on 10 May in Stockholm.

IT Attacks highlights news, trends and solutions relating to the IT security threats faced by businesses. A hundred participants listened to speakers from Tenable, Fortinet, Infoblox, Intel Security and Global Sign. SecMaker and CensorNet were also in attendance. The police were keynote speakers and staged a much-appreciated lecture on work to combat IT crime.

IT Attacks will be staged on 17 May in Copenhagen.

Madison conferences

Madison Event is MPWR’s trademark for our own internally-produced IT conferences. During 2016, we will be arranging a number of independent conferences at which IT suppliers and consultants will take part as conference partners (speakers and/or exhibitors). We will invite decision-makers to the conferences to learn more about the topics dealt with by the conferences.
Some of the conferences this year are:

  • DDoS Day
  • IT Attacks
  • The IT Workplace of the Future
  • The Digital School
  • Cloud Security Day
  • Beyond the Data Centre

Find out more about our IT conferences at: madison-event.com

If you would like to know more about how you can take part as a conference partner (speaker and/or exhibitor), please contact: