MPWR helps Link11 with lead generation in the Nordic market

Leading IT-security provider against cyber-resilience

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Link11 is the leading European IT security provider in the field of cyber-resilience. The global protection solutions of the Cloud Security Platform are fully automated, react in real-time and defend against all attacks, including unknown and new patterns, in under 10 seconds.

The collaboration with MPWR consulting

The collaboration between MPWR Consulting and Link11 began in the spring of 2019 with the background that Link11 requested a long-term partner who could support the company’s establishment in the Nordics. The goal of the ongoing collaboration is to increase both sales and brand awareness among end customers via lead generation activities.

“For us, it is important that our partner can communicate with our customers in a qualitative way and therefore MPWR’s experience within the IT industry is very valuable. In addition, we avoid getting caught up in unnecessary language barriers, which means that we can ensure a professional customer communication.” – Richard Kullenberg, Regional Sales Director Nordics, Link11

To achieve Link11 goals, MPWR has created a long-term plan to continuously nurture potential customers throughout the Nordic region. The work is carried out by a dedicated SDR team that contacts prospects via telephone and e-mail. The SDR team consists of experienced consultants with routine from several similar IT-related assignments and who also speak each country’s native language. The purpose is to keep deliver a steady flow of qualified leads who Link11 sales represents can convert in to real business opportunities. The collaboration has generated a strong pipeline for all the Nordic countries.

“The team at MPWR, together with our talented partners, is a contributing factor to our strong growth in the Nordics. The collaboration creates conditions that helps our sales people to focus on concrete business opportunities while MPWR keeps a good eye on the rest of the market for us. ”  – Richard Kullenberg, Regional Sales Director Nordics, Link11


MPWR Consulting is a consulting company specializing in helping IT companies in the Nordic region to create demand, qualify leads and thereby streamline the work of achieving their business goals

Empowering children!

Where the need is greatest

As you may know, MPWR has a tradition of giving a summer gift that has a connection to our home town Örebro. However, this year MPWR Consulting has decided to skip physical gifts. Partly due to the situation with Covid-19 and the challenges to distribute the gifts, but mainly to focus where the gift will make the greatest difference.

Choice of organization

There are many organizations making a great difference in different important areas. MPWR Consulting has chosen to support Save The Children.

Education is one of the prioritized missions for Save The Children. ” Without a quality basic education, children are less likely to escape the cycle of poverty and may never get the opportunity to fulfill their potential.”

MPWR Consulting has signed up to become Vänföretag (B2B partnership), to Save The Children during 2020. In line with our company name MPWR (empower), we want to be part of enriching, strengthen and give the opportunity to more children around the world to be able to go to school, educate themselves and fulfill their potential. This is a way to help ensuring that more children will get a safe childhood with clean water, food and protection against violence and a chance to a brighter future.

Thank you

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all customers for a great cooperation. We are already looking forward to contribute to your future success, after the summer! Thanks for being part of making a difference together with us!

Happy Summer and take care!

MPWR Consulting

The Nordic Market

Lead Generation in the Nordics

MPWR Consulting is the premier IT lead generator in the Nordic region. Today our offices are located both in Sweden and Denmark and our employees represent the entire Nordic region.

Many of our clients are international IT companies that have a strong presence in Scandinavia. MPWR works as an all-encompassing partner that covers all the Nordic countries. This means that we can deliver better results while saving our clients time and money.

Fluency to deliver results

On any given project, we assign MPWR consultants that speak the language of the region fluently. We believe that fluency allows us to create meaningful dialogues and interact with our clients’ target groups in an impactful way. Moreover, our consultants have a strong understanding of each countries market structure, business culture, social norms, and national developments. This enables us to have confidence in the dialogues with the end customers and is paramount to creating a positive market presence for our customers and achieve good results in the projects.

MPWR has a deep understanding of the Nordic market when it comes to knowledge about our client’s biggest competitors, partners, and distributors. This makes us well equipped to help our clients select and tailor their desired target groups depending on company size, number of users, geography, and desired branch.


If you would like to find out more about how MPWR can help you generate leads in the whole Nordics or in any specific country, please contact:

Sweden: Andreas Törnqvist, +46 (0)70 282 54 39

Denmark: Peter Andersen, +46 (0)76 000 23 69

Finland: Markus Pettersson, +46 (0)76 145 15 80

Norway: Jacob Nilsson, +46 (0)76 002 01 37

Agenda IT Conferences 2020

In 2020 we will once again be arranging our specialized IT conferences in Stockholm that will focus on the most compelling IT innovations of our time. Our past conferences have been of great value to various branches: the financial sector, retail, insurance companies, and the public sector. At our upcoming conferences, we will be focussing on the most pressing IT security, cloud security, risk and compliance questions.

  • IT Attacks                                  9th of September, Stockholm
  • IT Risk & Compliance              5th of November, Stockholm
  • Cloud Security Day                  TBD, Stockholm

On our conference website, you can find out more information about this year’s conferences and how to register,

If you are interested in participating as a partner-  a speaker or in having a stand at one of our conferences, please contact our partner sales person Jacob Nilsson, for more information.

Jacob Nilsson
+46 (0)76 002 01 37

We’re expanding: opens an office in Copenhagen

New for this year is that MPWR is expanding and have opened an office in Copenhagen. This means that we now can offer local contacts and develop our cooperation with customers on the Danish market.

MPWR help customers within the IT industry with lead generation projects that are often implemented throughout the Nordic markets. For a long time, we have had employees knowing the different Nordic markets and speaks the languages fluently. Now, as a step in our ambition to be the top Nordic region’s leading partner when it comes to lead generation within the IT industry, we have established an office in Denmark. It will strengthen our local presence and give us the ability to further develop our cooperation with our customers on the Danish market. You’ll find us at:

Larsbjørnsstræde 3
1454 København

Meet our Danish office

We are very pleased to have succeeded in recruiting Enis Sirbubalo and Thomas Bang Jensen to our Danish team. Together with Peter Larsen, who is responsible for the MPWR establishment in Denmark, Enis and Thomas are important in our efforts to create even more satisfied Danish customers.

Are you interested in knowing how we can help you with lead generation in Denmark – or stop by for a cup of coffee, do not hesitate to let us know!

Contact responsible for the establishment, Peter Larsen, at +45 2371 9204 or send an email to for more information.


Enis Sirbubalo:

Thomas Bang Jensen:


IT Conferences 2019

In 2019 we will organize our annual conferences that focus on current IT issues. Unique for 2019 is that we will host a conference in Copenhagen as well.

The agenda for 2019:

  • DDoS Day – Bygget, Stockholm, March 14th
  • IT Attacks – Carlsberg Conference, Copenhagen, April 11th
  • IT Attacks – Bygget, Stockholm, May 8th
  • IT Risk & Complianc – Bygget, Stockholm, September 26th
  • Cloud Security Day – Bygget, Stockholm, November 7th

For more information about the conferences and registration:

If you are interested in participating as a partner either as a speaker or exhibitor, feel free to contact us for more information. Contact our responsible for partner sales;

Jacob Nilsson
+46 (0) 760 02 0137

Leading conference, IT Risk & Compliance

During the autumn of 2018, we will be arranging two exciting conferences under our Madison Event trademark. The aim of the conferences will be to highlight some current IT issues. First out this autumn is the IT Risk & Compliance conference, which is being arranged for the sixth year in a row and will be held on 27 September in Stockholm.

Information about the conference

The increased use of cloud-based platforms, new possibilities for analysing large volumes of data and the growth in AI technology are challenging traditional business models and the ways in which we think and work. How do we use IT to create new ways of working, instead of simply digitising existing processes?
During the presentation we will be offering visions of what path the development may take in the future. At the same time we will examine the risks that this will entail. What are the challenges we face in terms of the requirements to comply with laws and regulations when data is allowed to flow ever more freely within and between organisations?

KPMG, along with leading suppliers in the field of IT security such as Entrust Datacard, Arcserve, CyberArk and RSA, will provide a picture of the trends and forces that are driving the market in this area. You will also be given specific tips on how to manage the challenges that your business will face.











  • Date and time: 27 september, 08:30-15:00
  • City: Stockholm
  • Location: Konferens & möten. Folkungagatan 90
  • Read more about the conference at

Participation is free of charge and includes food and drink.



Sensavis streamlines its business process

Sensavis, which develops interactive visual tools, is working in partnership with MPWR Consulting to streamline its sales process on the Swedish market. With its solutions, Sensavis aims to provide teaching staff worldwide with tools that will allow all pupils and students to reach their full potential through visual learning.

MPWR Consulting is helping Sensavis to increase knowledge of the solutions among the relevant decision-makers as well as to create opportunities for the Sensavis sales organisation to work on more specific business cases.

MPWR Consulting has a good knowledge of both the IT area and the educational sector. As our partnership has progressed, MPWR has become an ever more integral part of our marketing and sales process,” explains Fredrik Olofsson, CEO at Sensavis.

MPWR Consulting is a consultancy company in the fields of business and sales development that helps IT companies in the Nordic region to achieve their business goals.

Qlik optimises market investments with MPWR Consulting

Qlik is a company that supplies intuitive solutions for data visualisation, applications for guided analysis and reporting.

The various types of event are an important channel for keeping the market informed of Qlik’s solutions and for creating sales opportunities. Qlik and MPWR Consulting have a long-standing partnership, one that aims to optimise Qlik’s investments on the marketing side while at the same time ensuring that they create maximum support to the sales organisation.

MPWR Consulting contribute to a measurably increased ROI on our events. I am responsible for marketing in all the Nordic countries and here – as well as clear results – it is a major benefit that MPWR can support us throughout the region,” says Nina Palmgren, Nordic Marketing Director, Qlik.

MPWR Consulting is a consultancy company in the fields of business and sales development that helps IT companies in the Nordic region to achieve their business goals.

Our exciting IT conferences during 2017


During 2017 we will continue to arrange our popular conferences to highlight current IT issues.

The conferences address areas such as IT security, the digital workplace, the data centres of the future, cloud security and risk & compliance.

  • DDoS Day – Stockholm, 8 March
  • The IT Workplace of the Future – Stockholm, 6 April
  • IT Attacks – Stockholm, 9 May | Oslo, 11 May | Copenhagen, 16 May
  • IT Risk & Compliance – Stockholm, 21 September
  • Cloud Security Day – Stockholm, 26 October
  • Beyond the Data Centre – Stockholm, 23 November

You can find out more about the conferences on our conference site. 

If you are interested in taking part as a sponsor, whether as a speaker or exhibitor, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will then get back to you with a sponsor invitation.