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In 2019 we will organize our annual conferences that focus on current IT issues. Unique for 2019 is that we will host a conference in Copenhagen as well.

The agenda for 2019:

  • DDoS Day – Bygget, Stockholm, March 14th
  • IT Attacks – Carlsberg Conference, Copenhagen, April 11th
  • IT Attacks – Bygget, Stockholm, May 8th
  • IT Risk & Complianc – Bygget, Stockholm, September 26th
  • Cloud Security Day – Bygget, Stockholm, November 7th

For more information about the conferences and registration:

If you are interested in participating as a partner either as a speaker or exhibitor, feel free to contact us for more information. Contact our responsible for partner sales;

Jacob Nilsson
+46 (0) 760 02 0137