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Sensavis streamlines its business process

By 30 May, 2018September 7th, 2018No Comments

Sensavis, which develops interactive visual tools, is working in partnership with MPWR Consulting to streamline its sales process on the Swedish market. With its solutions, Sensavis aims to provide teaching staff worldwide with tools that will allow all pupils and students to reach their full potential through visual learning.

MPWR Consulting is helping Sensavis to increase knowledge of the solutions among the relevant decision-makers as well as to create opportunities for the Sensavis sales organisation to work on more specific business cases.

MPWR Consulting has a good knowledge of both the IT area and the educational sector. As our partnership has progressed, MPWR has become an ever more integral part of our marketing and sales process,” explains Fredrik Olofsson, CEO at Sensavis.

MPWR Consulting is a consultancy company in the fields of business and sales development that helps IT companies in the Nordic region to achieve their business goals.