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Leading IT-security provider against cyber-resilience

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Link11 is the leading European IT security provider in the field of cyber-resilience. The global protection solutions of the Cloud Security Platform are fully automated, react in real-time and defend against all attacks, including unknown and new patterns, in under 10 seconds.

The collaboration with MPWR consulting

The collaboration between MPWR Consulting and Link11 began in the spring of 2019 with the background that Link11 requested a long-term partner who could support the company’s establishment in the Nordics. The goal of the ongoing collaboration is to increase both sales and brand awareness among end customers via lead generation activities.

“For us, it is important that our partner can communicate with our customers in a qualitative way and therefore MPWR’s experience within the IT industry is very valuable. In addition, we avoid getting caught up in unnecessary language barriers, which means that we can ensure a professional customer communication.” – Richard Kullenberg, Regional Sales Director Nordics, Link11

To achieve Link11 goals, MPWR has created a long-term plan to continuously nurture potential customers throughout the Nordic region. The work is carried out by a dedicated SDR team that contacts prospects via telephone and e-mail. The SDR team consists of experienced consultants with routine from several similar IT-related assignments and who also speak each country’s native language. The purpose is to keep deliver a steady flow of qualified leads who Link11 sales represents can convert in to real business opportunities. The collaboration has generated a strong pipeline for all the Nordic countries.

“The team at MPWR, together with our talented partners, is a contributing factor to our strong growth in the Nordics. The collaboration creates conditions that helps our sales people to focus on concrete business opportunities while MPWR keeps a good eye on the rest of the market for us. ”  – Richard Kullenberg, Regional Sales Director Nordics, Link11


MPWR Consulting is a consulting company specializing in helping IT companies in the Nordic region to create demand, qualify leads and thereby streamline the work of achieving their business goals