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Lead Generation in the Nordics

MPWR Consulting is the premier IT lead generator in the Nordic region. Today our offices are located both in Sweden and Denmark and our employees represent the entire Nordic region.

Many of our clients are international IT companies that have a strong presence in Scandinavia. MPWR works as an all-encompassing partner that covers all the Nordic countries. This means that we can deliver better results while saving our clients time and money.

Fluency to deliver results

On any given project, we assign MPWR consultants that speak the language of the region fluently. We believe that fluency allows us to create meaningful dialogues and interact with our clients’ target groups in an impactful way. Moreover, our consultants have a strong understanding of each countries market structure, business culture, social norms, and national developments. This enables us to have confidence in the dialogues with the end customers and is paramount to creating a positive market presence for our customers and achieve good results in the projects.

MPWR has a deep understanding of the Nordic market when it comes to knowledge about our client’s biggest competitors, partners, and distributors. This makes us well equipped to help our clients select and tailor their desired target groups depending on company size, number of users, geography, and desired branch.


If you would like to find out more about how MPWR can help you generate leads in the whole Nordics or in any specific country, please contact:

Sweden: Andreas Törnqvist, +46 (0)70 282 54 39

Denmark: Peter Andersen, +46 (0)76 000 23 69

Finland: Markus Pettersson, +46 (0)76 145 15 80

Norway: Jacob Nilsson, +46 (0)76 002 01 37